Roberta Ripplinger

Funeral Service Professional


Toll Free Phone: 1-888-614-8016
Office Phone: 306-522-3232
Fax: 306-757-8016

Roberta Ripplinger is proud to be part of the Speers family. Her passion for life and her welcoming nature always shine through as she strives to reach her goals to meet and exceed the expectations of those that she is honored to serve. 

Roberta’s journey through life all started in Estevan, Saskatchewan, where she was born. She then moved to several places in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta and as far as Texas during her childhood. Living in all these places as a child left a very positive and character building influence in her adult years.  Roberta was raised in a very close family unit consisting of Mom, Dad (both deceased) and two wonderful brothers; one older and one younger. Together they really enjoyed a lot of traveling. Roberta and her family had very strong ties to the church families in all the places they lived and wherever they lived they always had a lot of laughter and hospitality in their home.  

Roberta attended a number of schools in Lethbridge, Dauphin, Brandon, Virden and Estevan finishing her high school years at Western Christian College which was a boarding school located at the time in Weyburn.  Roberta loved school, always working very hard and especially enjoyed the friendships.  Her post-secondary classes focused on missionary work, psychology, communications and anything to do with making positive relationships and being a positive influence on those around me.

Roberta spent a year in Vancouver, after completing her formal education, working with youth groups before coming back to the prairies where she married and raised three daughters.  During those years, Roberta enjoyed running a couple home businesses, serving with her church as well as teaching and leading various women’s groups.  It was a time of fulfillment, raising her girls, having her home full of friends and family and enjoying the great aspects of living in Regina.

Following the death of Roberta’s parents, her father in 1987 and her mother in 1996, she began to have an interest in funeral service.  It wasn’t long until she noticed an employment opportunity advertisement in the Leader Post. Roberta applied immediately and within 10 days was blessed with her first job in the funeral industry, that of being a Family Service Coordinator.  Almost 18 years have gone by and she has worked in various aspects of funeral services at three different funeral home locations.  Roberta has had the opportunity to work in the areas of aftercare, preneed sales, administrator, funeral director and funeral home manager. Roberta enjoyed all these different positions in the funeral homes she worked in because they all had one very strong commonality- they have been and continue to be exciting, rewarding and fulfilling. Roberta is very grateful for the years that she has worked with the Speers team.

In 2007, Roberta remarried and now she and her husband enjoy a blended family of six adult children (four are married) and four grandchildren.  They bring a fair amount of “busyness” to her life as well as the joy of watching them make their own homes, begin careers and raise their children.

With Roberta’s harmonious, gentle personality she is a gem to have in a busy workplace, serving families from all walks of life, from many different parts of the country and the world.  She personally, has been privileged to work with families with different religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds and a wide variety of needs.

Roberta can be contacts by email at or by calling Speers at 306-522-3232.