Ron McEachern

Funeral Service Professional

Toll Free Phone: 1-888-614-8016
Office Phone: 306-522-3232
Fax: 306-757-8016

A well-known figure in the funeral service industry, Ron McEachern’s extensive history with Speers is a comfort to families needing advice and support.

Ron began working as a driver for Speers in 1954 before becoming an apprentice to the late George Speers. In 1980, Ron, along with two other employees, purchased Speers, and he served as president until it was sold to Todd Lumbard in 2004. Ron earned the “Lifetime Funeral Service Award” for his contributions to the industry throughout his career, and he recently received his 50-year membership pin from the Grand Lodge at Saskatchewan.

From 1980 to 2004, Ron and his wife, Lynn, owned Speers Funeral Home and together, they contributed to the legacy of over 100 years of exceptional service and care to the Regina community.  Over the years, traveling was a favorite passt-time, with a particular fondness for the island of Maui.  With great sadness, Lynn, passed away on September 25, 2010. 

Ron is actively involved with the WaWa Shrine and tirelessly raises funds for the new Shrine Hospital in Montreal.  Ron enjoys spending time with his two sons and four grandchildren and is a knowledgeable and valuable keeper of the more than one hundred years of history of Speers.

Ron can be reached by e-mail at or by calling Speers at 306-522-3232.