Michaela Lang

Funeral Service Professional

Email: mlang@speersfuneralchapel.com
Toll Free Phone: 1-888-614-8016
Office Phone: 306-522-3232
Fax: 306-757-8016

Michaela’s smiling face and relaxed approach to life makes her a treat to be around. She has the ability to really listen to people and help them through tough situations. The kindness and care that Michaela puts forward when helping people is definitely a huge asset to the career path she has chosen. She is a beautiful person and willing to do whatever it takes to love and help those around her as she would love and help her own family.

The one thing she loves most about her job is knowing that she can give families time to spend with their loved one, to say their final goodbyes. With losing her own family members, she understands the value of spending time with loved ones. She takes great pride in knowing that she can help many people get through one of the toughest things in life and help them celebrate their loved ones lives in a personalized way.

She was born and raised in Regina by two loving and caring parents. She enjoys that she can live so close to the country which brings back so many memories of her grandparents and the time she would spend on the farm with them.  Michaela loves the outdoors! She feels very at home and relaxed when she spends time outdoors and she is definitely a “not afraid to get her hands dirty”, type of girl. Michaela has three very close siblings in her life and loves hanging out with her family and sharing in their passion for music. She finds joy and relaxation in practicing music and recording cover songs with them.

Michaela learned many wonderful things from her parents over the years and compassion was one of them. She strives to make people feel loved and cared for. Michaela feels so honoured to care for the families she helps through a time in their life that is very personal and heart breaking. She feels a real sense of family working at Speers and is a bright light to everyone’s day when she is there.

Michaela can be reached at reception@speersfuneralchapel.com or by calling Speers at 306-522-3232.