Preparing for Arrangements

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Thank you for the privilege of caring for your loved one and your family. It will be an honour to support and guide you through the days ahead. Please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment to meet with a Funeral Director if you have not already done so.

This form is meant to assist you with gathering information that we will need when you meet with us to make arrangements. Please fill in the vital statistics information and as much of the rest as you feel ready for.

The information you submit to us is confidential and will only be used to assist you and the Funeral Director in making arrangements. To request a paper version of this guide, or if you have any questions, please contact us at (306)522-3232

Please enter the name of the person filling out this form on behalf of your loved one.

Vital Statistics

Please enter the full legal name of the deceased.

Full legal name of husband, wife or common law, if applicable.

Father & Mother Information

Full legal name of father.

Full legal name of mother.

Important Information

Occupation held for most of the deceased's working life.

If a cemetery has been chosen, please specify.

If you have any prepaid funeral, cemetery, monument or cremation arrangements, please list them here.

Please make note of what items of your loved one's clothing, eye glasses, jewelry, medals, pins etc. to bring to your meeting with the Funeral Director.

Executor Information

We can provide various options for you regarding the type of service you want, where you want to have it, cemetery options, reception - and every detail in between. Some of the things you might want to consider in advance are:

Additional Information

Six people who will carry the casket.

The person(s) who will carry the urn.

List any verses or quotes you may wish to include in the memorial card.

The person who will give the eulogy.

If any specific music or hymns are preferred, please list them here.

If any particular readings are preferred, please list them here.

Please specify for any preferences for flowers.

Please specify which charitable organization(s) you would like people to donate to in memory of your loved one.

You can record any other notes or questions here.

When writing the obituary, many families wish to include family history, education, work, hobbies, interests, memberships in clubs or associations, special anecdotes, or unique qualities of their loved one and their relationship with others. Who did they love? What were they passionate about and why did they matter?

We can help you prepare different versions of the obituary for the newspaper(s), memorial card, Speers website and any other online tributes you wish. Below is a sample template to help you think about how basic information is shown. Please let us know how we can help create this personalized, meaningful tribute.

As an added resource, please feel free to reference our Sample Obituary Template by following the link below.

Sample Obituary Template

Preparing the Obituary

Please attach any photos you would like to use in the obituary or memorial card.

Please attach any drafts or final version of the obituary you would like to use.

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