Joanne Woytiuk

Obituary of Joanne Lynn Woytiuk

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"Do you want toppings with that?" A question posed while she held up her middle finger. This is the Joanne Woytiuk we knew and loved. Her plethora of phrases, acronyms and words carefully crafted for a specific individual or situation. A conversation ending with "TTFN" (ta-ta for now), her hatred towards “S-N-O-dubba-ya” her love of a good deal “five bucks!" were just a few of her sayings. The renaming of friends such as: "Friday night bash" or "dimwit".

Joanne was spicy, blunt, and fun. She loved to laugh while her particular laugh being quite infectious. When you looked at her you knew where you stood. Her smile could light a room while on the other hand her children can attest to "the look".

Aside from her silly and quirky nature, Joanne loved fiercely. Her children always being put first, as she juggled working full time, taking them to sports, and ensuring her home was clean and organized. If Joanne loved you, you were sure to be a recipient of surprises, funny pranks, art she created and attention. She was known to make signs, hire actors for birthdays, make Sunday dinners of roast, but later pizza after her children complained.

Joanne was like no other. Many people found themselves sitting at the kitchen table talking for hours. She was also talented as hell, creating sketches and fabric paint mosaics.

When Joanne was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis in 1998, then in 2005 becoming completely paralyzed from the neck down, she still maintained her spunk. She requested special, yet unusual gifts to be ordered for people, mastered the eye roll, but most importantly, the love for her family was relentless.

When Joanne's grandchildren were born, she loved to watch them play and talk. Although she could not participate much in conversation, her one grandson states "even though she couldn't talk, you know she was always listening".

And that's the truth. Joanne was always listening and enjoyed being the recipient of information. Even though she lived a short span of 62 years, with the last 20 being under vicious effects of MS, she was still fighting back.

April 17, 1960, a warrior woman named Joanne was birthed into this world to make an impact. And we can say without a doubt, her love, courage, and strength has profoundly changed our lives. We know wherever she is, she is running with the tattoo of Tigger on her ass because "Tiggers can bounce and bounce and bounce".

A private celebration of Joanne's life will take place at Regina Beach, Sunday, September 18, 2022.